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Ashwin Kandoi

Winjit Technologies Private Limited
Nasik (Nashik), India
Chartered Accountant by Education and Technology professional by heart. With an wide array of experience of more than 20 years in various domains including #Fintech , #Manufacturing #Product Engineering

Experience on General management, Project and Financial management.

Co-founded #Winjit with Abhijit and has grown to a team size of 250 + People. Actively working and growing Winjit with a keen focus on #IOT. #IotSense & #PredictSense Winjit’s Flagship IoT and Artificial Intelligence products offering.

Overall \\"Common Sense\\" and “Positive attitude”

Specialties: #Fintech, #IOT and #Data #ML #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence
Wednesday, February 12

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Thursday, February 13

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