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Stuart Warner

Head of Technology
Stuart Warner is Head of Technology, Digital and Analytics at Fidelity International, having joined the company in 2007.

In his Technology role - he is responsible for leading the entire gamut of technology capability including cybersecurity. The digital function delivers end-to-end digital experience design across all our digital channels for all customer channels globally. Analytics function deploys conventional analytical techniques and combines them with emerging AI techniques to deliver unique intelligence and insights for our business.

Whilst at Fidelity, Stuart has led two of the largest transformation programmes including the introduction of front-to-back, multi-asset Trading and Research platforms for our Investment Management business and more recently the re-platforming of Fidelity’s UK retail business. In both of those programmes he has led the re-platforming of record-keeping systems, buildout of the underlying data platforms and of course create contemporary intelligent engagement platforms at the consuming front of those platforms.

Currently Stuart is focused on delivering a material uplift in business outcomes by transforming our technology platform to leverage emerging capabilities on offer such as, moving our on-prem Data Centre to a hybrid multi-cloud platform, transitioning to a nimble API based architecture, easing access to data through contemporary techniques like Data Virtualisation and repositioning data on the cloud. This is in addition to implementing a highly integrated and automated continuous delivery DevSecOps pipeline across our entire application landscape. All of this has resulted in increasing our rate of change delivery by nearly 90% while reducing high severity incidents by about 70% in the same period.

Stuart is also a strong organisation wide champion of challenging the status-quo and inspiring us to be the source of competitive advantage for the firm and our customers by continuously innovating in everything we do. He has led implementation of formal mechanisms such as our ideation platform way back in 2014 and led cultural change through introduction of institutional mechanisms such as the first Fidelity International TEDx event in 2016. He is also the champion of our internal innovation governance mechanism called MindTrust that enables us to identify, curate, incubate futuristic technologies like Mixed Reality, Blockchain etc to solve real problems for our customers and our businesses.

Stuart has been a champion of our technology delivery capability centres in India for the past 10+ years and has been directly instrumental in shaping it into the successful sophisticated capability that we have today.